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Scale your cloud without sacrificing security or ease-of-use with a Single Sign-On portal for your web apps. As your organization embraces the cloud, the number of web apps in your IT environment quickly adds up—and can quickly overwhelm your ability to ensure security, manage costs and maintain control.That’s why you need ConnectID. ConnectID’s Single Sign-On portal provides a single point of access to all the web apps an employee uses, regardless of provider—with just one password to remember.This makes it easier to promote strong password policies. You can help prevent password leaks by effectively eliminating multiple passwords. And you can revoke a user’s SSO access with just one click.


Simplify the business cloud experience for users

  • Eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords
  • Eliminate the need to bookmark login pages
  • Enable quick and easy access to their business apps
  • Help keep users productive by eliminating the downtime caused by app switching

Reduce IT help desk calls

  • Reduce the need to reset credentials or help users access their apps
  • Provide simple access to cloud apps regardless of device or location
  • Help promote strong password policies
  • Add 2-factor authentication to decrease the likelihood of security breaches


ConnectID’s Single Sign-On (SSO) solution lets you create a single point of access to the web apps an employee uses, regardless of provider. With ConnectID in place, an employee just needs to log in once to gain access to all their web apps—instead of having to log in to each one individually

Use it with any web app

This includes business apps, social media sites, cloud-based collaboration platforms and more.

Enable a single point of access

 The typical employee has dozens of business apps. With ConnectID, they’re all accessible on the same portal page.

Manage access on home computers, too

ConnectID supports all major web browsers so employees can access their ConnectID portal from virtually any computer.

Reduce IT help desk calls

You can even use ConnectID for apps that you’ve developed internally.

Eliminate password risks by eliminating passwords

With ConnectID, users have one password for all their apps. They’re much more likely to adhere to strong password policies.

Offer managed mobile access to cloud apps

ConnectID offers an app for iOS and a Firefox browser extension for Android users, giving employees access to their ConnectID portal on their mobile device.

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