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IT Staffing

AskC Staffing Solution


Here at AskC Supply we offer both Fortune 500 companies and Start-ups access to quality technical talent. Built on the foundation of excellence, trust, and quality, AskC bring the vast experience of matching highly skilled professionals which addresses our clients’ staffing needs.m AskcSupply offers a wide range of flexible staffing solutions, to both clients and candidates.

Contract Staff

The reality of economic uncertainties can keep a client bound from getting real work done. By introducing contract staffing options, businesses can immediately expand their workforce to achieve business objectives while effectively managing long-term costs.

Businesses that use AskcSupply’s contract staff have the flexibility to vary the size and mix of their skilled workforce based on the ever changing business climate.
In this competitive environment, companies benefit from our flexible skills augmentation model which provides:
• Rapid ramp-up of supporting new technologies and business processes
• Significant reduction of recruiting costs
• Skilled talent without the costs of long-term employee benefits and taxes
AskcSupply’s contract staffing group provides you some of the best resources you can find in the marketplace. Our flexible deployment model enables you to use these professionals on short-term and long-term assignments based in the United States, Europe, or Asia.

Full Time Placements

Our recruiters specialize at bringing full-time placements to fill your long term staffing needs.

Our goal is to provide fast and effective staffing solutions by directly recruiting candidates based on our client’s specific criteria. AskcSupply’s process is simple, we partner with both the client and candidates to find the best possible match for all. Our team works closely with the client to determine the exact qualifications, skill and personality desired to make the best match.
We are committed to high performance, unsurpassed customer service. Our goal is to develop long term, trusting relationships between both clients and candidates.

Temporary Staff

AskcSupply’s team provides temporary staff solutions to meet temporary short term staffing needs. Whether you need temporary administrative staff or analysts to fill short-term gaps on your team, AskcSupply can help augment your needs with highly skilled professionals.

We are committed to filling your job opening immediately – and we can do so because our professionals are ready to start working today. AskcSupply provides you with candidates who have been personally evaluated by our Staffing Managers.
Our process consists of a rigorous candidate evaluation, including:
• Interviewing candidates in-person and checking selected references
• Conducting work history reviews with candidates
• Assessing their industry knowledge and software skills


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